Electrolyte from DIMATRON - Quality instead of quantity.

DIMATRON has a small but high quality selection of electrolytes in their catalogue.

Electrolytes from DIMATRON are “Made in Germany”, developed in the laboratory at our headquarters in Remscheid. Many of our customers etch mark with our electrolytes, for example onto:

– Aluminum
– Chrome steel
– Stainless steel
– Cast iron
– VA steel
– Chromed metals
– Tool steel
– Steel (unalloyed / bright machined)

For materials that are susceptible to rust, we provide corrosion-free electrolytes. Let us advise you or please request a free sample to trial yourself.

Electrolyte from DIMATRON

DIMATRON offers the right container size for everyone

We like to help even the occasional user of the electrolytic marking process. That is why we offer our electrolytes from a container size of 1 litre. Even with this small amount, a small production run can be marked electrolytically.

The optional sizes available are:
1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres, 30 litres

The prices for our electrolytes are graded according to their quantity.

If you want to save money, please purchase a large container.


Even if some users like to use the synonym “etching” for electrochemical signing, the DIMATRON electrolytes are not dangerous acids.

Of course, you will receive up tp date REACH and GHS-compliant safety data sheets for our electrolytes, from which you are informed of the correct handling.

If you have any questions about correct use, please contact our experts at reach@dimatron.com.

We would be happy to send you a free sample package of our electrolytes. Simply fill out the form below and within a few days we are sure you will be convinced of the quality of our electrolytes.