Long life stencils, stencil tapes, thermal stencils, stencil papers

DIMATRON GmbH offers a large selection of different stencils. Depending on the application, one or the other variant will be the best for you.

Important when making the right choice are for example:

– the number of electrolytic marks you have to make

– the size of the marking

– the type of marking (fixed, such as a logo or variable, for example a serial number).

– the need to be able to print variable data flexibly in your company

There are basically two types of stencils. Long life stencils which we manufacture for you at DIMATRON and short-term stencils that you can print yourself with the appropriate equipment.

Long life stencils

Long life stencils for electrolytic marking are the right choice if you want to mark small to large series with the same motif/branding. We manufacture our long life stencil in-house within 8 hours. Our stencils have an average lifespan of 4500 marks.

Find out more about our long life stencils here.

Stencil tape for label printers

Our stencil tape is available in three sizes which you can choose between if you want to print the stencils yourself. The stencil tape is available in heights of 18, 24 and 36 mm. It was developed for label printers such as the PT-3600.

Find out more about our stencil tape here.

Thermal stencil paper

The thermal stencil paper is made from a very similar material to that of the stencil tapes, but it is significantly wider, available at 100 and 110 mm. The thermal stencil paper was developed for direct thermal printers such as the TD4000.

Find out more about DIMATRON thermal stencil paper here.

Stencil Paper

Stencil paper (blue) is also a stencil material that you can use in your own facility to create stencils. In this instance, however, the coating is different. The coating of stencil paper is wax-like, which is why some customers tend to call it stencil wax paper. Contrary to the stencil tape and the stencil thermal paper, which are both processed with thermal printers, the stencil paper requires mechanical processing by a typewriter or a dot matrix printer.

Find out more about DIMATRON stencil paper here.

When things have to go really fast…

…you are welcome to use our express service for stencils.

We can print thermal stencils immediately after receiving your order and send them to you. Of course, collection is also possible, and delivery can be arranged if necessary.

Depending on the workload and capacity in our stencil production, we can also produce long-life stencils in an express version. In favourable conditions, it is entirely possible to manufacture and send stencils on the same day you place your order.

The best thing for you to do is contact us at and we will explain the possibilities to you.