Our Thermal stencil paper can be printed with the inexpensive direct thermal printer we supply.

With thermal stencil paper from DIMATRON you can produce your stencils in-house. All you need is a direct thermal printer like the TD4000 (this has to be a modified variant – supplied by us).

The resolution is significantly higher than the resolution of the blue stencil paper and is therefore suitable for both industrial and decorative markings. However, the durability (the number of possible markings) is lower.

Typical applications for stencil thermal paper are decorative marking for individual pieces (e.g. samples) and small series. In the industrial field, the thermal stencil paper is used for markings of serial numbers, batch numbers and data matrix codes.


This type of stencil paper consists of a carrier material and a thermosensitive coating. When printing, the coating is partially removed and the paper becomes a stencil due to its permeable areas. Based on common printing widths, we offer thermal stencil paper in widths of 100 and 105 mm, each in lengths of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 meters.

DIMATRON thermal stecil paper