Stencil paper is generated by the user themselves.

Stencil paper is very popular. It is processed or created by the customers in-house using a dot matrix printer, a typewriter or a pen. With this product you are even more flexible than our long life stencils.

DIMATRON can offer you different formats and designs of stencil wax paper. We have many types of rolls or also in a pack format.

The durability of the blue stencil paper is higher than that of the thermal stencil paper or stencil tape, but has a lower resolution.

Rolls have a perforated edge (tractor edge) and are available in lengths of 6 meters, 12 meters and 300 meters. In addition, you have the option of purchasing by the metre, individually from 1m upto 300 meters.

The stencil paper sheets are offered in packs of various sizes. Each sheet lies on a white sheet of paper, which is the carrier for the paper and once processed shows the image of the printed motif or text.

Stencil paper on roll