DIMATRON - electrolytic marking equipment and consumables – great quality low prices!

The DIMATRON product range contains all essential consumables for electrolytic marking.The following are particularly popular: electrolyte, stencils, felt andconductive net.


Electrolyte has a significant influence on the marking result. DIMATRON has developed electrolytes for different materials. Our portfolio contains electrolytes for stainless steels and electrolytes for steels that are prone to corrosion.

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No stencil – no electrolytic marking. DIMATRON offers a wide range of different stencils.

Custom-made long life stencils are also part of the product range, as are stencil tapes and stencil paper (stencil wax paper and thermal stencil paper).

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DIMATRON can offer different felts:
Black felt, which impresses with its excellent conductivity and suspension, and the thin, white felt, which is also often used to polish weld seams.


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Conductive net

Conductive net ensures optimal current distribution on the stencil surface. It is also a protection for the black felt and the stencil.

The black felt must always be used in combination with conductive net.


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DIMATRON – So good and yet so cheap. How is that possible?
In contrast to most companies in the marking industry, DIMATRON GmbH are not a manufacturer of marking devices, but see their core business as the manufacture and sale of the necessary consumables and accessories. We concentrate on what are only accessories to our competitors.
With this approach, we are able to keep overhead costs low and produce inexpensively, thereby sell you our product range at very attractive prices.