Electrolytic marking

All metals can be marked electrolytically. An everyday example is the lettering on cutlery and kitchen knives (e.g. with a logo or the Solingen lettering). The synonym “etching” for electrolytic marking is believed to have been first coined by craftsmen within the cutlery industry. Even if the term “etching” is used frequently, it is not really apt because the electrolytic labeling does not use any dangerous acids. The DIMATRON electrolytes have a pH value from pH 5 to pH7. These pH values correspond to those of beer (pH5) and water (pH7).

The electrolytic marking process is based on an electrochemical reaction.

Electrolytic labeling - inexpensive, fast and gentle on materials

There are now a large number of manufacturers of electrolytic marking systems. The spectrum ranges from marking devices for manual marking to semi-automatic systems.

Even if we as DIMATRON GmbH are not ourselves a manufacturer of marking systems, we have a large network and excellent industry knowledge, which allows us to offer you (regardless of manufacturer) the right device for your application.

You can find more about our options and the different marking devices (including weld seam polishing devices) that we can offer on our page marking devices.