DIMATRON UNO d and XXL start up kit

The powerful DIMATRON UNO d is designed for electrolytic marking of small to very large markings. For applying permanent abrasion-resistant part and serial numbers as well as for marking a striking logo on a large machine front, the UNO d is perfect for your needs.


For flexible handling, the UNO d is equipped with extra long, strong cables. Of course, cables and connections are designed to ensure that they do not overheat even when subjected to higher loads when marking large areas – unsafe terminals that have been manufactured from plexiglass have been observed in some competitors devices.


No other system proves that electrolytic marking units need not be complicated more so than the DIMATRON UNO d.



Plug in - switch on - mark!

As we always put our end users requirements first, we know that they need to work quickly and effectively. We have therefore made handling and portability as easy as possible.

While with other competitors devices you have to work through complicated and incomprehensible menus in order to eventually approach a usable marking result, the DIMATRON UNO d is ready to start immediately after switching on.

No databases with control sequences and signal combinations need to be programmed or imported via USB. The marking performance of the UNO d is always at the same high level – perfect results first time, every time!

The scope of delivery of the set includes:

– UNO d
– carrying case
– IEC cord, 2 meters long
– 1x workpiece lead Ø 10mm, 4 meters long
– 1x earth cable with clamp Ø 10 mm,
3 meters in length
– Marking head with SK 25 quick release
– 90 ° rectangular graphite electrode
– Teflon clamp for fixing the marking felts
– 500ml container for storing used electrolyte
– 1 litre of electrolyte to suit your material
– 20 pieces of marking felt 50 x 70 mm
– 1 x stencil up to a size of DIN A6


Strengths of the DIMATRON UNO d:

– Inexpensive to purchase and operate
– Fast set up, easy handling
– Suitable from small to very large markings
– Best marking results
– Maintenance free operation